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Double 22 Medium Shank

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Double 22 Medium Shank

Medium shank length designed with a straight eye manufactured in durable Nickel Silver Black.

The Gamakatsu Double 22 is a high carbon steel double hook. With the increased use of tube flies, the Double 22 is a perfect for match for salmon flies. The Double 22 is also an ideal choice for use as a stinger hook on swim baits and belly hook on hard baits.

Forged Barb

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 302405 10195 10 12 $8.02 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 302406 10196 8 12 $8.02 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 302407 10197 6 12 $8.02 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 302408 10198 4 11 $8.02 Add to Cart

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