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Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster

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Extra Wide Gap (EWG) Monster

When only a high carbon, heavy wire, surgically sharp hook will do, your choice should is the EWG Monster. "Hard core" doesn't even begin to describe the Monster. Slinging a Mission Fish back in the cover? We now have the perfect hook. Loading for bear with a giant Gitzit, Double Wide Beaver, or oversized Slug-O? The Monster has you covered. Headed to El Salto, Clear Lake, or the California Delta for double digit behemoths? Gamakatsu Monster is the choice when you are taking no prisoners. Heavy line, heavy rods, big baits, and big fish require just the right tacklestarting with Gamakatsu's EWG Monster!

Eye Forged Barb Extra Wide Gap

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 283415 09940 5/0 5 $5.58 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 283416 09941 6/0 4 $5.58 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 283417 09942 7/0 4 $5.58 Add to Cart

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