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Side Drifting Rig

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Side Drifting Rig

Gamakatsu's Side Drifting Rig makes rigging and re-rigging fast and easy so you maximize every minute you're on the water. Rigged with two of our most proven hooks, a size 4 Red Finesse Wide Gap in front and size 4 Red Octopus hook in back with a Yakima Bait "Winner Body" in the middle for floatation and added attraction. Ten rigs come pre-tied on 6 of clear premium 8lb. mono neatly wrapped around a 6 inch closed cell foam dispenser. They come in 5 of the most popular fish catching colors, RR-Rocket Red, PR-Pearl Red, PL-Peach Luminous, C-Clown, and OC-Orange Clown.

Available Sizes & Colors


PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 259308-C 09638 4 8# ln 10 $19.32 Out of stock
Loose Pack 259308-OC 09639 4 8# ln 10 $19.32 Out of stock
Loose Pack 259308-PL 09637 4 8# ln 10 $19.32 Out of stock
Loose Pack 259308-PR 09636 4 8# ln 10 $19.32 Out of stock
Loose Pack 259308-RR 09635 4 8# ln 10 $19.32 Out of stock

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