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Nautilus Light Circle Hook

Gamakatsu's Nautilus series saltwater hooks are joined in 2013 by the Nautilus Light. A light wire hook that was developed for fishing fragile live baits, the Nautilus Light is an ideal finesse hook that's long on strength. Produced from forged high carbon steel, the Nautilus Light features a straight eye and offset point for superior hooking performance. Like all Gamakatsu Nautilus hooks, the Nautilus Light's unique circle hook shape is designed to hook and hold which is precisely why more saltwater anglers are making Gamakatsu their hook-of-choice. Superior strength, sharpness and design add-up to make the Nautilus Light a sure bet for live bait and chunk bait anglers from coast-to-coast.

Available in Nickel Silver Black (NSB) finish for corrosion resistance.

Eye Forged Barb Off-set Point Circle Hook

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 332409 10405 2 8 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332410 10406 1 8 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332411 10407 1/0 7 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332412 10408 2/0 6 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332413 10409 3/0 5 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332414 10410 4/0 5 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332415 10411 5/0 4 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332416 10412 6/0 3 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332417 10413 7/0 3 $3.98 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 332418 10414 8/0 3 $3.98 Add to Cart

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