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G-Carp Specialist R

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The ultimate carp hook.

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G-Carp Specialist R

A special "Claw Hook" with ultra-thin and extremely sharp hook tip turns 15 degrees inwardly for perfect hook sets. The large hook bend of Gamakatsu Specialist 'R hook keeps particularly well at elevated pressure. Stays sharper longer. Carp have sensitive sucker-lips. They’ll drop a bait the second they feel anything sharp. That’s why we’ve carefully shaped all the new G Carp hooks to hide perfectly concealed within every type of bait.

Eye Forged Barb

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose 349204 10665 12 10 $3.68 Add to Cart
Loose 349205 10666 10 10 $3.68 Add to Cart
Loose 349206 10667 8 10 $3.68 Add to Cart
Loose 349207 10668 6 10 $3.68 Add to Cart
Loose 349208 10669 4 10 $3.68 Add to Cart
Loose 349209 10670 2 10 $3.68 Add to Cart

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