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Treble Hooks, Extra Wide Gap (EWG), Short Shank

Gamakatsu's new Short Shank EWG (Extra Wide Gap) Treble is different from top-to-bottom. For crankbaits of all types --- there's nothing better --- it's the perfect replacement hook. First, we opened the points of this treble up slightly for even better hooking performance. The Short Shank EWG Treble converts those fish that slash at your bait into sure hook-ups. The shorter shank and wide gap design provides less room for fish to throw the hook. In fact, this attribute actually wedges the fish between the hook and the's the ultimate in fish holding, which means fish landing, performance.

That's not all. Gamakatsu's Short Shank EWG Treble features Gamakatsu's exclusive "Magic Eye" that makes changing hooks a breeze. Also, the hook's inline points run parallel to the bait creating a perfect balance point so your crankbaits run perfectly.

Available in Nickel Silver Black (NSB) finish.

Magic Eye Barb Extra Wide Gap

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 330407 10390 6 6 $8.14 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 330408 10391 4 6 $8.14 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 330409 10392 2 6 $9.68 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 330410 10393 1 6 $9.68 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 330411 10394 1/0 6 $9.68 Add to Cart

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