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R17-B Fly Hook

Gamakatsu's R17-B fly hook is proof positive that big things can be achieved in small pack- ages. A barbless trout hook, the R17-B features Gamakatsu's exclusive Nano Smooth CoatTM technology. This coating enhances penetration for reliable, solid and immediate hook-ups. The combination of a wide gap design, 3X fine wire material, the slightly curved shank and barbless retainer bend (that slight crook at the bottom of the hook bend), add-up to fewer fish lost and better hook-ups on this exceptionally strong, small, fine wire hook series. Available in sizes from 12 to 24.

Forged Barbless

Available Sizes & Colors

NS Black

PackageSkuUpcSizeWeightQty Per PackPrice Buy Now
Loose Pack 335200-20 10427 20 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335201-20 10428 18 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335202-20 10429 16 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335203-20 10430 14 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335204-20 10431 12 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335298-20 10425 24 20 $6.96 Add to Cart
Loose Pack 335299-20 10426 22 20 $6.96 Add to Cart

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