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September 14

Gamakatsu's New Swivel Shot has finally arrived!

Drop-shot fishing for bass is nothing new but Gamakatsu's approach to it is. Their all-new "Swivel Shot" eliminates line twists that's commonly associated with drop shotting and vastly improves rigging efficiency. Gamakatsu has produced a revoltionary new "Twist-Free" design using a prmium swivel above the hook.. The hook, a super-sharp Gamakatsu offset poin...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different hooks does Gamakatsu make?

At last count Gamakatsu produced 2,335 different hooks for the U.S. market. We\'ll be adding more each year. With so many different species, lures, applications and tactics available, Gamakatsu strives to produce fishing hook...

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