The Evolution of Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu® Fishing Hooks 20,000 years ago, the invention of the fish hook marked the beginning of sport fishing. The first hooks were made of wood or bones. As technology improved, so did the hooks. Records show that copper hooks were made in Banchen 7,000 years ago and artificial flies were used in Egypt 4,000 years ago. Fishing was also a popular form of entertainment in ancient China.

Today, modern materials and manufacturing techniques have resulted in hundreds of styles of extremely high quality hooks, designed for specific types of fish and fishing methods.

Manufacturing the Perfect Fishing Hook

Gamakatsu® Fishing HooksThe methods used in creating Gamakatsu® fishing hooks is what makes it so superior to all other brands. First, only the most premium grade of high carbon steel is used.

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This insures against any blemishes in the metal which can weaken the hook.

Secondly, Gamakatsu® has the most advanced tempering system in the world. Every hook is heated to the exact temperature that is perfect for that particular style and size then cooled in oil. This process produces hooks which are super strong, but not brittle. It is extremely difficult to achieve a balance between strength and flexibility, and it took many years for Gamakatsu® to perfect this process.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, our sharpening process is the most modern in the world, and results in a perfectly conical point that is unequaled in sharpness.

Quality of Gamakatsu® Fishing Hooks

Gamakatsu® hooks are the corner stone of the Gamakatsu® company, and are famous worldwide. Material and technology are what makes these hooks superior to all other brands. The Gamakatsu® company, in conjunction with a material manufacturer, developed a material known as High Carbon steel specifically for the manufacture of fish hooks. This material not only contains a higher percentage of carbon, but also has very few impurities. As a result, Gamakatsu® has earned Anglers' trust throughout the world. The life of a fish hook is measured by the sharpness, hardness, and viscosity of the point. Using low quality materials results in points that are weak and not truly sharp. In order to use High Carbon steel, Gamakatsu® developed a unique electronic tempering process which enables hooks to be tempered in a stable condition. As a result, Gamakatsu® is able to manufacture consistently high quality, extremely sharp hooks in large quantities. This innovation has earned Gamakatsu® the top market share in Japan.

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