S10 Standard Down Eye

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Gamakatsu Design Features

BarbBarb BarblessBarbless Barbs on ShankBarb on Shank Circle HookCircle Hook Extra Wide GapEWG - Extra Wide Gap EyeEye ForgedForged Hole EyeHole Eye Magic EyeMagic Eye Off-set PointOff-set Point Open EyeOpen Eye Titanium WeedguardTitanium Weedguard Welded EyeWelded Eye Wire KeeperWire Keeper SuperlineSuperline Finesse SeriesFinesse Series Tournament LegalTournament Legal

Multi-use Dries and Wets.

Gamakatsu Fly Hook Comparison Chart

Gamakatsu Fly Hook Comparison Chart

General UseGamakatsuMustadTiemcoDaiichiDai-Riki
Standard Down EyeS109484052101170300
Standard Down Eye BarblessS10B94845900BL1190
1x FineS10-3F9843352301100
Straight Eye DryS10S948591011110310
Midge 1x FineS13S-M948595011480
Stinger 1x Strong ForgedB10S371872720
Glo BugC14S94791051510
Salmon Steelhead 3x StrongL11S-3H34068002451
Streamer 4x Long 2x StrongS11-4L2H7958093952220700
Streamer 4x Long 2x Strong SS11S-4L2H967493952220
Multi-use 1x FineS12S-1F33661640
Multi-use 3x StrongS14S-3H34068002451
Scud, BarblessC12-B2487B
Salmon Steelhead Dry 1x FineT10-3H9024079892421
Salmon Steelhead WetT10-6H3689079992161899
Russian River FlyRussian River36717
Standard SaltwaterSS1534007811S2546930

Gamakatsu would like to state that this is only a comparison chart. Although our hooks would not be direct replacements, they would be an exceptional choice for your favorite fly patterns.

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All Pricing and Product for U.S. market only

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08401-25NS Black182508972601106 $8.06
08401-100NS Black1810008972603840 $27.18
08402-25NS Black162508972601107 $8.06
08402-100NS Black1610008972603841 $27.18
08403-25NS Black142508972601108 $8.06
08403-100NS Black1410008972603842 $27.18
08404-25NS Black122508972601109 $8.06
08404-100NS Black1210008972603843 $27.18
08405-25NS Black102508972601110 $8.06
08405-100NS Black1010008972603844 $27.18
08406-25NS Black82508972601111 $8.06
08406-100NS Black810008972603845 $27.18
08407-25NS Black62508972601112 $8.06
08407-100NS Black610008972603846 $27.18

All Pricing and Product for U.S. market only

Multi-use Dries and Wets.


NS Black


10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 6, 8


100, 25

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